Hours of entertainment!

Originally created for a friend of the developers who complained about most puzzle games being far to easy, Blex is intentionally made with the sole purpose of being unreasonably difficult, yet at the same time relaxing and entertaining. The game features lots of puzzles which involve both exploration and logic problem solving, as well as achievements and music. Solving Blex will be a journey of some length, but it is always possible to save your progress and resume at a later time.


In order to play Blex, you will need a computer running Windows XP or later with .NET installed (usually this is installed by default). Any computer fulfilling these requirements ought to be able to run Blex.


A lot of the puzzles in Blex assume a basic understanding of high-school level mathematics and we strongly recommend anyone attempting to solve Blex to have at least this level of mathematical background.

Solving Blex

Should you, against all expectations - this is after all the most difficult game in the world - actually solve all phases of Blex, not counting the extra material found in the Continuum edition, you will receive a validation ticket, which we encourage you to e-mail to the Blex development team. Are you amongst the first ten to complete Blex, we will (unless you wish otherwise) include your name in the Blex Hall of Fame.