Download Blex

You can download Blex from this link (128 MB).

The file is hosted externally. To download it follow the above link, click the "download this file" button and enter the characters as requested. The file will then be donwloaded to a location of your choosing.

This version is the Continuum edition containing 50% more content. Do note that the Continuum levels are not a part of the original Blex experience, and therefore it is not necessary to complete these in order to earn the right to brag about having solved Blex. Much of the Continuum content will only be revealed when certain criteria are met such as completing achievements or title tracks.

Installation Instructions

The file you download is a zip archive. To install Blex, right-click the file and extract the contents to a location of your choice. Blex can then be played by double-clicking the Blex.exe file (the one with the blue icon).

Terms of Use

Blex is provided free of charge and may be used by anyone. You are welcome to pass Blex on but are not allowed charge anything for it and neither to change any part of it. All material contained within Blex, including but not limited to graphics, music and code is copyrighted and may not be altered or used for commercial gain. By downloading Blex you agree to these terms.